Posted on 27th Oct 2018

Getting the catering right for any function and being able to accommodate all guests and their dietary needs is an art form.

Back in the early-2000’s there really wasn’t a big focus on dietary requirements. A gluten-free dish was a rarity, occasionally a guest may be lactose intolerant and vegan guests were almost unheard of.

Fast forward to 2018 and every single function we have at Chapters Hotel has some sort of dietary requirements. We have specific policies and a deep passion to make sure that allergies and dietary needs are catered for and that the food we offer to our guests with dietary needs is as tasty as anything else that comes out of our kitchen.

So we threw our head chef Connor a challenge – let’s get some great quality vegan food on the menu. Not only did Connor rise to the challenge, but he also blew us away with his creations! From vegan desserts to making his own smoked vegan cheese, the man has a knack for producing amazing vegan food time-after-time.

Yet when we first introduced vegan food to the menu there wasn’t really a big focus or, it seemed, a big demand in the area. However, after witnessing how well our vegan dishes went down, not only with our vegan guests but with everyone, we decided to expand our offering.

Little did we know how well our menus would be received. We’ve now had a number of vegan functions, offer vegan afternoon teas, are catering for vegans throughout the festive season and are looking into creating a vegan gourmet getaway.

So, if you are looking for great vegan food in the North Yorkshire area, give us a call on 01642 711888.

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