Posted on 11th Mar 2018

As far as produce is concerned, we really are spoiled for choice in Stokesley and are keen to ensure that we serve the best local products in our bistro and restaurant. Chapters  Hotel is a ‘free house’ which enables us to offer an exceptional choice of food, champagnes, wines, spirits, local ales and ciders. We go to great lengths to source the very best that this wonderful area of the country has to offer and aim to purchase as much as possible from within a 20-mile radius of the hotel.

So when it came to choosing coffee, after following a suggestion on our Facebook page from Sue, we contacted Rounton Coffee.

After discussing not only serving Rounton Coffee to our customers but actually having a unique blend which will only be available at Chapters, we were keen to know more. In order to gain a deeper understanding of how the coffee we will be serving at Chapters makes its journey from bean to cup, we took a trip to Rounton Coffee to have a chat over a steaming cup of the sweet brew.

We must admit, we were not exactly sure what to expect. Our directors used to live near a coffee roasting warehouse and the acrid smell of burning beans sometimes filled the air for miles around. So when we reached Rounton’s and inhaled the wonderful aroma that billowed from their roasting house, we breathed a huge sigh of relief. The air had a richness that was both subtle and sweet.

We were greeted with enthusiasm by the Rounton’s team and watched with wonder as the coffee masters waved their magic wands and turned beans to brew. Well, there were no magic wands just quite of a lot of high tech equipment but we still think there’s a pinch of magic in every bean.

After a thoroughly enjoyable explanation of how, why, when and where the coffee beans are chosen and the process each bean is put through, it was time for the tasting. Enter a lineup of some highly unusual coffee with the most exquisite aromas.

We took our time sampling each and every one and finally decided on the perfect blend for Chapters.

Is Chapters Blend Fairtrade?

This is a question we are certain some of our customers will be asking and this is what Rounton have to say:

“So this is a question that we get asked a lot.  When selecting our coffees, Fairtrade, although a desirable attribute for some, this does not carry any significant weight for us.  Whilst we appreciate that Fairtrade within a commodity market has its rightful place, we know that the market that we operate in rewards the farmer more than for the Fairtrade Model.  The Fairtrade Foundation has done some great works to pull a lot of farmers out of poverty, though for farmers that are producing exceptional coffees, there are better markets than that of the Fairtrade route. Simply put, if the farmer has the ability to produce fantastic coffee, then the farmer can command better prices than he would get from Fairtrade, and this coffee will be sold directly to the importer/roaster/end user. We are happy to pay those prices.” – Rounton Coffee

So there you have it, we feel we’ve found a great tasting, ethical and sustainable blend for Chapters. Come along, have a cup and tell us what you think!

If you are a local supplier and would like Chapters to consider your product then please do get in touch!

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