Wedding Terms & Conditions

Cancellation of a confirmed booking must be made in writing. A cancellation charge is payable calculated on the following basis:

Period of Cancellation Charge
12 Calendar months
No Charge
Between 6 and 12 months
25% of the rates quoted
Between 2 and 6 months
50% of the rates quoted
2 Calendar months or under
100% of the rates quoted

Reduction in Number of Guests – A reasonable accurate number of guests is required at the time of booking. Once guest numbers are agreed, reductions will incur cancellation charges in line with the following:

Period of Notification
Between 6 and 12 up to 10%
No Charge
over 10%
25% of guest in excess of 10%
Between 7 days and 6 months up to 10%
25% for each guest in excess of 10%
over 10%
50% for each guest in excess of 10%
3 days or under any
100% for each guest

The hotel will use its best endeavour to replace a cancelled function and if successful in doing so may waive cancellation charges.

A non refundable deposit of £250 is payable at the time of confirmation. The final balance is due one month prior to the wedding.

The company reserves the right to cancel any booking forthwith and without any liability on it’s part in the event of any damage or destruction to the hotel by fire or any other cause, any shortages of labour or food supplies, strikes, lock-outs or industrial action, or any other cause beyond the control of the company which shall prevent it from performing it’s obligations in connection with any booking.

The customer shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of its guests, and shall ensure nothing shall be done which will constitute a breach of the law. The customer shall fully indemnify the company against claims, or loss or damage arising as a result of breach of this clause.

Terms of Payment – On completion of the event full payment of the outstanding balance shall be made within 14 days. Thereafter, interest will be payable on the balance outstanding at the rate of 3% above the base rate.

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